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Taking the stress out of the NDIS!

Navigating the NDIS and understanding what you are entitled to in each of the different funding categories can seem overwhelming which is where a Support Coordinator can be a huge help.

The friendly Support Coordinators at KompleteCare are experts in NDIS funding and will explain exactly what you are entitled to in each of the funding categories and help you get the most out of your funding.

Dedicated Support Coordinator for a Personalised NDIS Support Package

KompleteCare is one of the leading in-home care providers in Adelaide and Perth, and personalised care is always our priority.  To ensure your NDIS support package truly reflects who you are and how you want to live, we’ll assign you a dedicated Support Coordinator who will take the time to understand you and the lifestyle you want to create to design a personalised support plan tailored to your unique needs.

Guided by Experience – Support Coordinators with In-Depth Knowledge of Disability

The majority of our Support Coordinators have lived experience of a wide range of disabilities and have a huge network of specialist care providers to ensure you get the support you need. They can offer personalised recommendations and introductions to local NDIS service providers, as well as provide help and advice on how to divide your budget between the different types of support to ensure continuity of care.

Our Support Coordinators’ Will:


Help you understand your NDIS funding and explain your entitlements.


Help identify the types of support you need to achieve your goals and dreams.


Provide recommendations on how to divide your budget between the different types of support available.


Match you up with the right service providers, negotiate the costs and set up your service agreements.


Build your confidence and skills to use and coordinate supports.


Help you resolve problems and make changes to service providers when required.


Advocate for your needs and organise capacity assessments and reviews when needed.


Help you prepare for NDIS Plan Reviews.

Understanding Your NDIS Funding

Your NDIS plan may have up to three different categories of support funding that you can access.  

Our experienced NDIS registered Support Coordinators will explain the different services, consumables and home modifications you can claim in each category, as well as help you decide how and what to spend your budget on to achieve your goals.


Core Supports

Core Supports covers consumables and a wide range of services such as meal preparation, cleaning services, home and garden maintenance, transport services, personal care and services to help you get out and about in the community.


Capacity Building Supports

These cover a range of supports designed to help you build the skills and capacity to achieve your goals and independence. Support Coordination is included as part of capacity building along with nursing, allied health therapy, counselling, training and employment services.


Capital Supports

Not all NDIS participants can access capital supports. Capital supports include mobility aids such as wheelchairs, and chair lifts, assistive technology and more complex home modifications such as bathroom remodelling.

Your Care, Your Way

Enjoy an Extensive Network of NDIS Providers with KompleteCare

Whilst KompleteCare offers a wide range of disability support services across Adelaide and Perth, we have an extensive network of NDIS providers, allied health professionals and specialist care providers for you to choose from. You are always in control and have the choice of who provides your care and when. If something does not feel right or if your needs change, our Support Coordinators can quickly help you switch or change your support workers/providers to ensure you always feel supported and satisfied.

Support Coordination Help with NDIS Plan Reviews

Your goals are our goals, so our dedicated Support Coordinators go the extra mile to help you get the care you need now and into the future. When your current NDIS plan is nearing expiration, we’ll work with you to review your needs and help determine the supports you need for the next round of funding. We’ll advocate for you and arrange any reports or capacity assessments needed to help you secure additional funding if required.

Support Coordinators

FAQs – Support Coordination

How do I get NDIS Support Coordination?

You can discuss your needs and ask for support coordination services during your NDIS planning meetings. If it’s deemed necessary, your Local Area Coordinator will include support coordination in your NDIS plan. For more information on support coordination please click here https://www.ndis.gov.au/participants/using-your-plan/who-can-help-start-your-plan/support-coordination#how-support-coordination-gets-included-in-a-plan

Can I get Support Coordination funding every year?

Support Coordination is designed to be a temporary support focused on building capacity. The goal is for participants to develop the skills needed to independently manage their funding choices over time, eventually eliminating the need for ongoing Support Coordination. The duration of Support Coordination varies case by case, with some participants only needing it in the first couple of years and others receiving ongoing support.

How is the cost of a Support Coordinator covered?

The cost of Support Coordination is typically included in your NDIS Plan under the Support Coordination category. The funding allocated will depend on the level of support required.

Who is eligible for NDIS Support Coordination?

Anybody can ask to have Support Coordination included in their NDIS plan, although not everyone will be eligible for this service. In general, it is provided for participants who may be transitioning into the NDIS for the first time and those with more complex support needs.

Can I choose my Support Coordinator?

Yes, you have the option to choose your support coordinator. We’ll always try to match you with a support coordinator who has lived experience of your needs and understands your situation to provide a personalised support package tailored to your goals.

How often does Support Coordination take place?

The frequency of Support Coordination can vary based on your needs and you may be allocated anything from 12 to 200 hours of support coordination in your NDIS Plan. Support Coordination services may be used at the start of your journey or may include time for regular meetings to review goals, progress, and address any emerging issues.


Your NDIS funding is based on what is ‘reasonable and necessary’ to pursue your goals, in addition to the support provided by family, friends, and other community and government services.

Where reasonable and necessary, KompleteCare Support Coordination will be included in your Capacity Building budget.

This will be a fixed amount for our Support Coordinator’s to help you use your plan.

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