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Fantastic people and service! An amazing team that provide a holistic approach to their care for people with disabilities and the ageing community. They are friendly, reliable, transparent and always act with integrity to ensure positive outcomes


Fantastic company to go with, they really take the time to get to know their clients and their wants and needs. they really go the extra mile.


We changed care providers to Komplete Care and have been amazed at the difference. They really care! We feel like we have a family of people who are there to make life easier and more comfortable for Mum and Dad.


They have been fabulous in helping me sort thru my aged care site and get the right home care needed for my dad. Adrian has gone above and beyond to explain how it all works, without him it I would still be trying to struggle along not knowing who or where or even if there was any help available.


Our Services

Disability Support

The Disability services we provide help the people we care for to remain independent, live life on their own terms and most importantly, in their own home.

Personal Care

At a time when you are unable to care for your own wellbeing, our personal care workers can assist with the challenges you are now facing

Aged Care

The quality of life you deserve, served by the suite of services we provide, will allow you to continue living independently, on your own terms.

Respite Care

We know you love them, but have you ever been overwhelmed by the responsibility you’ve been given?

Domestic Assistance

Sometime you just need a little help in the home or around the yard. Our domestic assistant workers can help with the chores you can’t do now or don’t want to do anymore

Overnight Care

Our overnight care workers can provide a service to cover your regular carer if they are temporarily unavailable or they can be part of your full-time assistance team.

Social Support

Just because you aren’t as mobile you would like to be doesn’t mean you can’t be part of your community or attend events. Our social support services will make sure you’re don’t become isolated and can still participate

Meal Preparation

Whether you need the shopping and cooking done for you or you just need help with an occasional meal, our meal preparation service is as flexible as you need it to be.

Medication Support

That ever growing number of medications you have take, often need to be administered at just the right time. Our carers will make sure you get the medication you need on time.


Without transport we are often exposed to the feeling of isolation, which is why our transportation services are made available on an as required basis or as part of your scheduled travel needs.


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