Our Story

How it all began…

KompleteCare Community and Home Care Services were founded in 2014, nestled in the northeastern suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia, marking the beginning of a significant journey in disability and aged care. Linda and Scott Sharrock, the visionary founders, brought over two decades of invaluable experience from their tenure at Disability SA and their engagement with the Aged and Disability community. Starting their careers as Support Workers, they ascended through various roles, enriching their expertise and understanding of the sector.

Identifying critical shortcomings in the quality of care available, Linda and Scott were driven by a desire to cultivate a service imbedded with the care, values, and dedication they deemed fundamental. Thus, KompleteCare emerged as a beacon of excellence, harnessing its extensive experience to forge meaningful connections and celebrate the unique stories of individuals within the community.

The evolution of KompleteCare has been remarkable. It has transitioned into a family-oriented enterprise alongside their daughter, Laura, and her husband, Sam, complemented by a growing team of dedicated office staff and home support workers.

KompleteCare’s presence has flourished across South Australia, with primary offices in Kilburn (Head Office), Modbury, Willaston, Morphett Vale, Salisbury, Plympton Park, and additional establishments in the Riverland region at Berri and Murray Bridge. Their quality care and heart have now seen them venture outside state boundaries, establishing a foothold in Perth, Western Australia, with an office in Redcliffe—propelled by strong family connections. As KompleteCare looks to the future, ambitions to extend its reach into Mildura, Queensland, and further across Western Australia reflect the ongoing commitment to growth and excellence.

Despite this expansion, the essence of KompleteCare—personalised services, unwavering standards, and a deep-seated sense of community—remains untouched, anchored in the values of its creation. The ethos of KompleteCare is a testament to Linda and Scott’s belief in the power of their industry insights and the profound impact of community and family values on delivering superior care.

It is with great pride and a sense of duty that KompleteCare undertakes its role in the community, recognising the privilege of contributing to the happiness and well-being of individuals. By offering in-home care in Adelaide and Perth, KompleteCare stands as a family, a friend, and a reliable support system for those in need, embodying the spirit of trust and compassion that is essential to its mission.

“KompleteCare will not let you fall through the cracks; we are with you every step of the way.

Your story truly becomes our story. It’s not just a tag line. We genuinely believe that!

Let’s face life’s challenges together”.

Linda Sharrock

Director of KompleteCare.

Linda Sharrock- Director

Scott Sharrock- CEO

Laura Biggins- Finance Manager

KompleteCare Mission Statement
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