Frequently Asked Questions

“The questions are just as important as the answers”

Sometimes it can be hard to find the right questions to ask. We have compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions by clients to help you on your path.

How do I apply for services with KompleteCare?

We would love you to join our KompleteCare family.

You can start your journey one of two ways.

1. Fill out our online Enquiry Form on our website.

2. Call us on 08 8265 5696 (SA) or 08 9329 4955 (WA)

From there, you will be contacted by one of our friendly Service Representatives who can arrange to come out to you, cost and obligation FREE, for a chat.


What funding does KompleteCare accept?

KompleteCare is a nationally recognised and registered service provider for clients with Home Care Packages 1-4 and NDIS funding. We can also provide services to clients who wish to pay privately at a discounted rate.

KompleteCare unfortunately does not provide services for clients with Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) funding.

Do you provide Support Coordination?


As of 2021, KompleteCare can now offer Support Coordination to the extensive list of services and supports we provide. To find out more you can speak with your Client Services Manager or call our office on (08) 8265 5696 and our friendly reception staff will connect you to our helpful Service Representatives.

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Are KompleteCare hiring at the moment?

As one of Australia’s fastest-growing service providers, KompleteCare always seeks new members to join our team. We welcome all employment enquiries. Some of our most regularly sought-after roles in our team are; Home Support Workers, Client Services Managers and Rostering. We also offer traineeships for Home Support Workers just starting their care journey.

If you think you have what it takes to be part of the KompleteCare family, head over to our JOIN THE TEAM page and fill out our online job application: https://kompletecare.com.au/join-our-team/

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How long does it take to get support organised?

KompleteCare prides itself on our Rapid Response Policy. We guarantee to contact you within one week of your enquiry. We do our utmost to have your services and supports in place within 2-4 weeks of your initial contact with one of our Service Representatives if your funding is already in place.

Don’t have your funding yet?  That’s okay, we can help with that too. Our friendly Service Representative can assist you, obligation FREE with your Home Care Package or NDIS funding application.

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Can I pick my Home Support Worker?

KompleteCare uses the “Best Fit Practice’ method to ensure you are happy and in control of all services and supports you receive with us, including those who take care of you.

During your initial consultation with one of our Service Representatives, they will take the time to get to know you and learn what you wish to achieve from our services, your personal interests, preferences and needs. They will then work with our Client Services Management team to find the most suitable Home Support Worker/s for you.

If you are not happy with your Support Worker/s, we will always do our best to immediately replace them for you and find a suitable replacement without question or judgment.

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What is a KompleteCare Client Services Manager and how can they help me?

A KompleteCare Client Services Manager is personally assigned to all our Home Care Package and Disability Care clients. The role of your Case Manager is to oversee all your applications, services, funding and anything else you may need in the way of support.

No more being passed around from person to person! Once you join the KompleteCare family, you will have your own one-stop contact for all your questions, assistance and communications.

A KompleteCare Client Services Manager shows you how important you are to us and how dedicated we are to providing each client with personalised care and attention.

Your Service Representative will discuss with you the minimal cost of this service, which is included in your HCP or NDIS funding, so no out-of-pocket expense for you.

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Is KompleteCare equipped to provide supports for different cultures and diversities?


We are all about inclusion for all at KompleteCare.

KompleteCare employs staff from a variety of different cultural backgrounds and spoken languages. We also utilize ‘TIS National’ (TRANSLATING AND INTERPRETING SERVICES).

No matter your culture or diversity, KompleteCare will go above and beyond to care for you with respect, understanding and inclusivity.

We value all our clients and will always use our “Best Fit Practice” policy to find the right Home Support Worker for your needs.

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What are the costs for KompleteCare's services?

There are many ways one can access assistance with KompleteCare. Not only do we provide privately funded Disability and Aged Care services, but we are also registered with the NDIS and the Home Care Package Program.

Our goal is to maximize funds provided through these programs. Alternatively, we can also provide Aged Care clients who are approved and awaiting the assignment of a Home Care Package a reduced fee option. This can often be helpful for those who need assistance now but are facing a long wait.

All our fees and charges are in line with HCP and NDIS guidelines and our updated price guide can be found in the resources section on our website or in your welcome pack.

What is the difference between HCP and CHSP Funding?

There is a difference between a Home Care Package and a Commonwealth Home Support Package.

Click the link below for a simple guide to understanding them both.

What is the difference between a HCP and CHSP funding?


What are KompleteCare's qualifications?

Not only is KompleteCare a registered service provider for disability care, aged care, and support coordination, but we also have quality standard certification with ISO9001 and HDAA.

Our commitment to high standards doesn’t stop there. Our company invests in training our staff to ensure each team member is well versed in all updated industry standards, applications, policies and procedures relevant to their role and duties.


What is KompleteCare's hot weather policy?

Hot weather does not impact our services except our Gardening Services.

All our Gardening Services will cease at 12pm on any days forecasted for 36+ degrees. This policy is implemented at 8 am on the forecasted day. 

Our rostering team will contact you immediately if this policy impacts any of your gardening services. 


Does KompleteCare provide complex care?

Our company has many trained staff who can assist with various complex mental or physical care needs. 

Along with our clinical care team, our Support Workers are educated to work within a client’s care plan and can receive training specific to that client’s personal needs if required. Our staff is trained to assist with services like Diabetes and Glucagon, Airway Suctioning and Tracheostomy, Medication Administration, MS, Autism, PEG Feeding, Epilepsy and Seizures, Catheters and Uridomes, Bowel and Stoma Care, and Dementia. 


Can you assist with mental health care?


Our Client Services Managers and Support Coordinators work with the Behaviour Support Specialist and the participant to ensure the best strategies are in place and will work as a team regularly to reinforce what is happening and work on strategies or changes to make any necessary improvements.

As Support Coordinators, we are able to submit progress reports to the NDIS at specific stages of the participant’s plan.

Our KompleteCare training processes help create confidence in our Home Support Workers, allowing them to trust their judgement and understanding of what is required.

They are equipped with all the knowledge, skills and empathy to provide our clients with a safe and effective service.

KompleteCare is registered and authorised to implement restrictive practices within the participant’s PBSP when required and once our Home Support Worker is added as an Implementing Provider. We follow policies and procedures to the book to safeguard our clients and provide them with care effectively and safely every time.


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