Meal preparation


“A good meal can nourish the body and feed the soul.” 

All too often clients who are managing a disability, illness or injury can find regular meal preparations increasingly difficult. 

Perhaps you are struggling to put together a healthy, nutritious weekly menu, have special dietary requirements, are unable to perform usual kitchen tasks or are finding it hard to prepare meals for one. 

A healthy diet and regular meals are essential to your physical and mental wellbeing, especially when there may be additional medical conditions to consider. 

Our team of support workers at KompleteCare wish to see that you never go hungry or miss out on those precious nutrients to help you live a full life. 

We can work with you to construct a meal plan catered to your personal needs and tastes, shop for ingredients, prepare or assist you in the preparation of your meals, including the cooking. Help you with your food proportions and storage and even do the dishes afterwards. 

A friendly, helpful service which can be offered on a regular basis if required or casually if you feel yourself needing that little extra help in the kitchen at times. 

KompleteCare, ensuring a full fridge, a full belly and a full heart.