At KompleteCare we believe that every individual has something unique to offer and by utilizing support services and programs their individual goals and vision can be

Over time, Your Story, Becomes Part of Our Story As We Face Life’s Challenges Together.

Your worker was wonderful, fantastic and lovely!


Colin called to say how much he enjoyed both the Whispering wall and Gorge wild life park & for the first time I held a Koala Bear.


Your home support worker did a lovely job and I am really impressed with her cleaning.


NDIS is still relatively new in South Australia and because of this there has been much confusion. We are here to help you through the process by sending out a representative who will…

  1. Help you REGISTER with the NDIS.
  2. Help you UNDERSTAND your NDIS plan.
  3. Help you ACCESS supports through your NDIS plan
  4. Help you MAXIMISE your NDIS plan.

You can contact us at KompleteCare and speak to a local person (08) 82655696 or contact us through

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