Wound Care For Wheelchair Users

Today I wanted to talk about wound care.  When you’re a wheelchair user a lot of time you end up with cuts and scrapes and bruises, and you don’t necessarily know where they come from because you don’t always feel when they happen. Sometimes all the sudden you look down and you’re bleeding there is a lot of time that I don’t transfer as carefully as I should and I may bang my foot on my footplate and cut myself or whatever the case may be. 

I just know from experience that once it happens it takes a long time to heal and you just need to be really careful that you’re keeping it clean and that you’re covering it properly and all the different things. 

So just wanted to share with you guys some of the things that I’ve learnt over the years of how to manage that and how to take yourself. I do want to preface this video by saying I’m not a doctor so you know take that into consideration and talk your doctor, if you think that you should, before using any of these products. Also keep in mind that these are the things that I found that work for me but something else may work better for you than just want to throw that out there because I think everybody has different things with that work better for them but I have found these items work really well for whenever I have any kind of wounds that I need to take care of.

I also want to mention that none of these products I want to talk about are a sponsor of this video in any way, it’s just products that I really liked and have found to be really helpful so just wanted to say I’m not doing this kind of money back or anything like that.  I just want to help you guys know what may be useful for you.

The first item is bandages these are especially really good they are a silver alginate bandage so they have silver in them which really helps to make wounds heal a lot faster and that’s something that I really struggle with especially if I get a cut or something below my waist, my circulation in my legs and in my feet, and all that, is really bad so any kind of wound I get in an area below my waist takes about 3 times longer to heal than an average person. It’ll be months before something heels I actually have a cut on my ankle that I’ve been dealing with right now and I just know that it’s going to take quite a while to heal so I’ve been using these to cover it and they are  really great, and along the same lines you want to have medical take you can get a roll like this at pretty much any drugs store and it’s just a lot better to use a bandage of medical tape then just a regular band-aid if your wound is bleeding it’s going to bleed really quickly and I just find that bandages that are cheap garden last longer than just a standard band-aid so definitely recommend that.

The first thing that I do when I get any kind of cut or anything is put hydrogen peroxide on it this is really great it cleans out the world and gets rid of any kind of bacteria or anything like that you can get it and a spray bottle like this that also comes in a bottle that you can just come or out of and it works really well. It’s an antiseptic and is for treatment of minor cuts and abrasions and it just works really well with keeping things clean. Because that’s another thing you want to make sure that you’re keeping it really clean.  If there any kind of infection it could lead to any kind of cellulitis or further issues and that’s definitely something you want to avoid so making sure that all of your wounds are really clean. Take really good care of them is super important so this is definitely a great product

The next thing that I’ll put on a lunar after hydrogen peroxide is Neosporin. It has cocoa butter, concealer oil, olive oil, vitamin E and just a lot of really good things.

And the last product that I use is betadine. I’m sure that if you watch any kind of medical show you see that they use it all the time in hospitals and those kinds of things and again it’s just to help avoid any kind of infection. It says right on it “the brand has been used in hospitals for over 45 years and kills germs promptly and minor cuts, scrapes and burns So it’s just a really good product for making sure again that you stay clean and free of bacteria. 

I hope you had fun, and that was helpful. If there are any video topics that you’d like to see me do definitely comment below and let me know, I’m always open if you have specific questions or want to see how I do something in here or anything like that definitely let me know. And if you haven’t subscribed, make sure you do, that it really helps me out. Check out my other social media accounts and my Patreon page or Linked in the description below,  thank you so much for watching and I’ll see you next time.

Daniella from Daniellability

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