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Sep 13, 2019 | Aged Care News, Disability Care News

I just read an article that dealt with the language that used to address individuals in residential and home care settings. (By Jakob Neeland. Sep 12, 2019. Hello Care Magazine)

The new Aged Care standards have advised that the people under the Aged Care sector must be referred to as “Consumers”. After a recent survey was conducted, it was discovered that 91% of people living in a residential facility, would prefer to be referred to as a resident, while only 9% would like to be called a consumer.

It is interesting that other people make decisions how we either refer or address individuals, there is a disturbing trend of support workers, who address their clients as “sweetie, love, darling and other demeaning terms of endearment.” I believe that unless an individual wants to be address as sweetie, love etc. they should be called by their name. Under the new Aged Care Standards, and indeed the old standards, it is central that people who are receiving services are treated with respect, calling people terms of endearment does not show respect, but rather ageism.


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