Thats Koole! Asperger’s sydrome the least of her worries

Dutch Fashion model Melissa Koole has modelled for Coach, Eloquii, and Vera Wang. She has walked the runway for Addition Elle and speed in Indie Magazine.

Melissa Koole for Indie Magazine

Melissa Koole for Indie Magazine

She told The Times UK that she “…decided I wasn’t ashamed of my autism”. Diagnosed at 10 years old when she realised that her schoolmates seemed to live carefreely but she worried about everything “I seemed the same, but I was making a lot of effort to seem the same,” she said. “My brain worked differently.”

Initially, she feared that brands and bookers wouldn’t hire her if they knew, due to the very social aspects of the industry and the stigma Autism has when it comes to communications and social interactions. Once again she need not have worried, going  public with her condition has had no impact on her carer whatsoever and has allowed Melissa to become a voice for the Autistic community

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