Steve’s new life

May 26, 2020 | Disability Care News

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Aerial shots of a small town next to a lake. Steve sits on the front porch, waters plants and rides a motorbike.

[Steve, NDIS Participant] My name’s Steve, I’m 63 years old and 12 years ago I lost both my legs below the knee.

I went to hospital on Monday morning, Pneumococcal Septicemia, and usually you don’t survive. I woke up in intensive care about two weeks later. I got to the stage where I felt like I was getting better so I didn’t let them cut anything off.

One day there was just a change, and I could tell myself. All my toes were mummified so I knew that one was a goner. I walked in and said, “You’ve got to cut my legs off,” and they went, ( laughing ) “Yep, they’re waiting for you across the road.”

It was a pretty hard thing to process and I used to be really fit so I was pretty upset about all of that.  APM were the people that put it all together between the NDIS and me. since then, everything’s gone easy and I’ve got the best legs you can get.

It’s hard to explain to someone who hasn’t got them, but these are almost like your own feet. When you’re walking, and you bang into the ground, I don’t smash my stump. Having these things here, I still got my Harley in the shed, and I still ride it. And I drive a manual car, I’m going to Streaky Bay in two weeks for a fishing holiday with my wife and the dog, we go every year. I got my life back.


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