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Apr 28, 2020 | Aged Care News, Disability Care News

Coronavirus has changed the way we connect with each other, but not always in a bad way. Have you noticed that because you do less of running into people you have to be more deliberate about making time to touch base and check in on others?

At Kompletcare we have been amazed at the innovative ways people are refusing to allow isolation to become an obstacle to connection and in the process learning how to do it better.

Today we thought we would take a look at some of the ideas and innovations that are helping people stay connected and sain during coronavirus lockdown. 

Move and Grove

Move and grove is a silent disco program that has adapted to cater to the “from home” experience, It’s collaborative, so people can enjoy the experience from wherever people are at the time. Why not have a go with friends and families, especially those you can not visit with at the moment.

Recording memoirs

Using this time to record family history, can be a great way to keep people engaged during isolation. Digitising the family albums, writing memoirs or even recording stories about family history to an audio device, there are tons of phone apps that can do this nowadays. Imagine filling the next few weeks with stories and memories, going through photo albums and old slides. What a great way to connect during isolation.

Some Resources

Old School Pen Pals

With the kids at home what about getting them to write a letter to someone that can’t visit? Its a good home school project that could change the whole world for a neighbour or a family member. Start a tradition that might bring a lifetime of connection between two people.


Phoning into video meetups

As families and friends been meeting more and more online, the common comment we hear is about how those without the technical knowledge and equipment get left out, but did you know that with meeting software like Google Meet (Formally Hangouts) and Zoom you can use an old fashion telephone to dial in and join the conversation. Phone users get their own screen panel that lights up when they talk just like everyone else. It’s interesting that when you have an online gathering where someone phones in you realise that you actually don’t miss out on much by not having video access to everyone, conversations work just like they did in the good old days.


Hopefully, the take away from 2020 when this is all over is that we will have learned to be better at looking out for each other. This season has taught us to be more deliberate about connecting and brought us closer through, less convenient, and  more authentic relationships


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