Social distancing and better hygiene are here to stay.

May 5, 2020 | Aged Care News, Disability Care News

We have lived in a world where vaccination has allowed us to live, work and play in close quarters without fear of catching life-threatening viruses. COVID-19 has no vaccine at the moment, just one virus without a vaccine has had such an impact on our lifestyle. Even after we come out of lockdown people will have developed different attitudes, practices and habits. We will be less inclined to go back to our old ways, especially while there is no vaccination for COVID19. 

For us a Kompletecare that also means that care plans and services may also need to be reassessed and possibly changed. Procedures and policies around home visits and health care services have also been updated to keep everybody safe.

1.5m will always be a good idea.

Where possible the 1.5m distance between people will always be a good idea. And it’s likely that in some cases it is now our new social norm. And standing inside of this space will be seen as inconsiderate long after the threat of COVID-19 has passed. This is s good thing for people living with sickness or vulnerable health issues, it will only have a positive effect on our community as a whole. 

Digital Healthcare

Many of us have avoided local doctors surgery. Preferring to uses the telehealth services when possible. The introduction of theses services has been necessary, but it has also been convenient in many cases. We will never eliminate the need for us to physically visit our doctors, but it’s likely that some services will be done on the phone or online in the future. 


Homes might require some new protocols for outsiders who visit. Essential health services will require a lot more screening and procedures. Hand sanitizer at the front door, clear communications of expectations and procedures may become a normal part of life for the sick and elderly especially. We will have to learn a new front door adequate when we visit others. 

Everything is different

Governments, infrastructure providers and businesses have changed forever. 

Signing for packages, queuing in stores, travelling in public transport and many other things we have not yet considered will change.

Does your healthcare plan requires changing to cater to the post-COVID-19 world? The Kompletecare team prides itself on ensuring that plans are tailored to the current needs and lifestyles of our clients. We are also specialists at accessing any funding support that may be available. To find out more, please call 08 8265 5696 and speak to one of our consultants


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