Without regular transport at hand, we often can feel isolated and limited. Not having the freedom to go where you want and when may have a dramatic impact on your feelings of independence, safety and confidence. 

KompleteCare’s transportation services are made available to all our clients who wish to get out and about whenever they like.

If for whatever reason you are unable to hold a licence or drive yourself due to your disability, illness or injury, be it permanent or temporary, we can help with all your transportation needs.  

Whether you need to attend a social gathering, do your weekly shop or errands or have a medical appointment, our trusted support workers at KompleteCare will get you there safely and on time without the worry of accessing public transport. 

We happily provide transport assistance for one-off events, or regular scheduled appointments and outings. Helping you in and out of the vehicle and assisting with any mobility aids required. 

We will even let you pick the radio station or music for the journey. 

We make sure you get to where you need to go, safely, comfortably, on time, every time.