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Have you ever been overwhelmed by the responsibility you’ve been given?
Our respite care workers can back you up with the support you need from time to time or as part of a regularly scheduled service.


Being a carer for someone can be exhausting and may mean that sometimes you have to miss out on your own activities or family events. This is where respite care can help.

Respite care allows you to have a break away from your responsibilities while knowing that your loved one will be taken care of just the way you would like them to be.

Often carers are reluctant to enquire about respite care because they feel as though it means they are not coping, or not doing enough to take care of their loved one. In reality, this is simply not true. By using respite care it actually offers you the chance to be an even better carer by giving you the chance to recharge your batteries or enabling you to do tasks you have been putting off, meaning that when you return you focus even more on your caring duties.

Respite care can be used on an emergency or casual basis or as a scheduled event giving you the break you deserve. You may wish to use respite care just for a few hours so that you can go to an appointment, have your hair done, exercise or attend a family event, or for a longer period of time so you can enjoy a holiday.

Sometimes when caring for someone an emergency may arise or you may become sick yourself and therefore be unable to continue in your caring role, our respite care workers are able to take over the care of your loved one so that you can concentrate on dealing with the emergency situation or getting well yourself.

With elderly or disabled people, it can often be difficult for a number of reasons for them to be easily able to leave the home, which can lead to both the carer and the person being cared for, becoming isolated. Respite care can give you the welcome break you both need, socialise with different people and the person being cared for someone to have interaction with others also.

While you are away, respite care offers a safe, comfortable setting for your loved one. They can provide social support as well as helping them to bathe, dress, take medications, get in and out of bed and prepare meals. They may also take your loved one on outings or to appointments.

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