On-Demand & 24/7 Disability Support

No matter if you need the support of a disability carer to assist in the provision of the work you’re already doing or if you need a 24/7 support worker, our trained professional disability support workers have got you covered for any type or length of service you need.
To make life easier for you we can even help with the NDIS application process.

What Disability Support services does KompleteCare provide?

Whether you need 24-hour disability support or casual care, we are able to accommodate your needs. Our disability support services are all about helping you in your own home or assisted living facility. Our goal is to help you achieve a level of independence, with all the support services you need.

Transport and assistance is available for when you need help getting to an appointment, event or activity. This service can be utilised as part of a regular transport plan, casually or for one of appointments or events.

Need NDIS Help for your Disability Care Plan?

pLiving with a disability can be challenging and the NDIS has made it even more complicated for some people. KompleteCare knows about the NDIS and can help you choose the best care, using the NDIS and all options available.

We have tried to make the NDIS process as easy as Steps 1, 2 & 3.

Step1: It starts with a KompleteCare team member guiding and assisting you with the development of a care plan
Step 2: We will work with you on your NDIS application and guide you all the way.
Step 3: Team members are chosen to serve you, so you get the best care, for the disability support choices you’ve made.

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