KompleteCare in-home care’s dedication to education

May 3, 2022 | Breaking News

KompleteCare in-home care believes it’s never too late for future education.

For years KompleteCare owners Linda and Scott Sharrock have been investing in the further education of their employees.

Left to right Rashelle Banks, Sam Biggins, Michelle Sanzari. KompleteCare Case Managers.

The owners of KompleteCare Community and Home Care Services, Linda and Scott Sharrock have always believed it’s never too late to further educate yourself.

Scott, company CEO, at age 60 is still frequently attending seminars or partaking in courses to further educate himself in both business and the industry of disability and aged care.

Linda, KompleteCare’s Director is actively involved in staff training, in particular, Auctus training and education.

An organisation committed to changing lives through education. Auctus Training and Education is a nationally recognised training organisation based in Adelaide.

KompleteCare continually promotes, encourages and facilitates any of their staff members looking to further educate themselves in the disability, aged care, community, business or management industry while also providing them with sufficient time away from their usual duties to focus on their studies.

This is just one of many ways KompleteCare shows its dedication to progress and improvement by investing in its own team and allowing them the opportunities to grow along with the company itself.

“Linda and Scott have given me so many opportunities to grow in my department”, says Rashelle, Case Manager Team leader at KompleteCare Kilburn. “It’s nice to know you don’t have to be stuck doing the same role forever and that there is a bright future ahead without having to leave a company you love to achieve it or sacrifice your income or accumulate HEC’s debts to pay for courses”.

“They are so supportive and both go above and beyond to see each of their staff members reach their full potential and achieve their dreams within the industry. It’s such a great feeling” Rashelle said.

As well as facilitating staff with development courses, KompleteCare also provides paid traineeships for people looking to become Home Support Workers with the opportunity to continue on with regular hours once training is complete.

‘I believe you are never too old to learn new things and the minute you think you know everything there is to know about your industry or role is the minute you fail it” Scott, KompleteCare CEO says.

“We will always encourage and support those team members who encourage and support us as a company, they are an extension of our family and we will grow together”.

Kudos to KompleteCare for setting the standards high in quality employment and support.


For more employment information with KompleteCare click here: https://kompletecare.com.au/join-our-team/

Written by Lisa Lynch, KompleteCare, 3rd May 2022.


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