In Home Care vs Residential Care – Part Three: Social Connections

Jan 17, 2020 | Aged Care News

One of the biggest concerns revolving around living arrangements for our aging parents is in regard to their social lives. Your mum or dad may be resisting any arrangements that need to be made in fear of losing the social networks and friendships they have. In Part Three of “In Home Care vs Residential Care” our team discusses the different social connection aspects of the different options, in order to help you to understand your options, and help inform your decisions.

Social Connections in Nursing Homes

Nursing homes all run social program calendars. They include indoor activities for residents to interact and outings and excursions. For those who never get out of the house or have trouble entertaining visitors at home, these programs can increase the amount of social connection available to your Mum or Dad. How comfortable your Mum or Dad are with meeting new people may also be a factor.

Sometimes due to the broad community  that these activities are required to cater to, and the fact that they have to revolve around the daily schedule they are often on very flexible in regard to the unique needs of the individual residents.

A new address, new geographic locations can mean that the old network is not as available as it used to be.

Social Connections at Home

Familiarity is probably the biggest asset in maintaining your parents social networks, maintaining a life where neighbors still drop in, grandchildren are comfortable to visit and the family home remains the center of your family social activities. 

The aging process does mean that the opportunity for social activities decreases as mobility becomes a factor, so it is important to include extra activities to compensate. Local councils, clubs and churches provide lots of opportunities that you may not have thought of, some of these also include transport options. 

There may even be financial assistance available through My Age Care funding for additional support in this area. Contact us if you would like to enquire about what may be available or how a home care package can be created to facilitate health social connections for your mum or dad. 

Staying in their own home may provide greater flexibility and more social options to suit your parents unique lifestyle, hobbies and relationships

If you require more information on what may be available to your parents to assist them to live at home longer give us a call, we would love to help you get a better understanding of your options

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