In Home Care vs Residential Care – Part Four: Emotional Health

Jan 29, 2020 | Aged Care News

Any shift in your parent’s circumstance can affect their emotional health, there are many aspects that  should be taken into consideration. Whether relocating to a residential care facility or staying in their own home will have some emotional hurdles. In Part Four of “In-Home Care vs Residential Care,” our team discusses the different emotional aspects of the different options, in order to help you to understand your options, and help inform your decisions.

Emotional Health in Nursing Homes

The emotional effect that the move into a residential care facility can be traumatic to some. If your mum or dad is struggling with early dementia it can be very upsetting for them.  They will be surrounded by people they do not know, and without the things they are familiar with. This can add to disorientation and a sense of displacement that may not be easy to get over.

Emotional Health at Home

If staying in their own home, care services can be structured to minimise the disruption. Adding services gradually on an as-needed basis can give them the time to get used to having carers drop in and maybe a benefit to the emotional wellbeing of your mum and dad as the regular visits from family and friends are supplemented by visiting carers. Once again services can be more tailored to individual needs as they do not need to fit into the schedules and limitations of a residential facility.

There may even be financial assistance available through My Age Care funding for additional support in this area. Contact us if you would like to enquire about what may be available or how a home care package can be created to facilitate healthy social connections for your mum or dad. 

Staying in their own home may provide greater flexibility and more social options to suit your parent’s unique lifestyle, hobbies and relationships

If you require more information on what may be available to your parents to assist them to live at home longer give us a call, we would love to help you get a better understanding of your options

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