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Mar 11, 2020 | Disability Care News

Once again Daniella helps us to remove the awkwardness around disability, removing the social barriers that can become hurdles in our relationships. That awkwardness around not knowing what we can talk about what we cant talk about and how we are inclusive and helpful while navigating these sensitivities.

Daniella has some tips on how to approach someone and ask about their disability

Every person experience is different and everybody feels differently about their differences.

You can’t go wrong if you are acting out of respect and kindness

So here are some of her tips…

Asking “Do you mind if I ask you, why you use a wheelchair?” is relitively safe. This approach allows two responses

  • If they don’t want to talk about it, that’s OK. It also allows them to scale their answer according to what they are comfortable to share.
  • It also separates the wheelchair from their identity, they are a person “using” a wheelchair.

In this video she notes that some of the terms that are officially considered politicly incorrect, actually don’t bother her, emphasising that everybody is different. Often with language, it can depend on how a word or a phrase has been used in the past and what an individuals experience with those words and phrases; as to whether a person has a positive or negative reaction to it.

“ If you are not sure what words to use, ask,” says Daniella

Once again Daniella, thanks for jumping into these subjects and helping us out. Often we don’t make good connections with each other, because we are not sure how to do it. We appreciate it that you help us with that journey.


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