Home Modifications

“weaving the rope to pull through impossible times.”

At times having a disability can mean that specific areas throughout your home could begin to pose a safety risk or become a little more challenging to navigate.
KompleteCare is familiar with all the necessary tools and aids available to you or your loved one to improve safety and home access and ingrains the importance of client safety to all our support workers.

We will work with you or your family to determine your personal or mobility struggles at home. From shower rails to wheelchair ramps, we can source all appropriate aids and modification requirements to help with this and organize the installation to make life easier for you.

We wish to help you to continue living at home comfortably, confidently, and, most importantly, safely.

Home Modifications may Include:

  • Handrails
  • Wheelchair Ramps
  • Bathing Aids
  • Security Devices
  • Bidet
  • Safety Devices
  • Mobility Aids


NDIS Information

Home Modifications and Specialist Disability Accommodation

This support category includes home modifications and Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) supports. Home Modifications Home modifications include design, construction, installation of, or changes to, equipment or non-structural components of the building, and installation of fixtures or fittings, to enable participants to live as independently as possible or to live safely at home.  Information on the pricing arrangements for Home Modifications can be found in the Assistive Technology and Consumables Code Guide on the NDIS website.


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Self Care

Overnight Care
Home Modifications
Medication Support
Gardening and General Home Maintenance
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