Heatwave – Are you drinking enough water?

Dec 18, 2019 | Aged Care News, Disability Care News, KompleteCare News

SA Health recommends that women should aim for two litres (8 cups) of fluid while men should aim for 2.6 litres (10 cups) each day. If you are active throughout the day you should aim to increase your fluid intake. 

Many experts believe that over three litres are needed to during extreme heat conditions like the ones we are experiencing in Adelaide at the moment. Perhaps a better indicator of your dehydration levels could be to take a bit of interest next time you pee. 

Below is a guide to help you use the colour of your urine to gauge the impact the heat is having on your dehydration levels.

During the extreme heat conditions, the team at Kompletecare are taking particular care to make sure our clients are not at any risk due to the warm weather.

This weather always feels extreme but we experience temperatures like this over 4-5 days regularly during most summers in Adelaide. It’s all part of caring for people in Adelaide


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