Heatwave – Air Conditioner, getting the best results

Dec 19, 2019 | Aged Care News, Disability Care News, KompleteCare News

As Adelaide braces for a high of 46° today it’s important to understand that even the most effective of air conditioners will fail to deliver inside air temperatures of a comfortable 22° degrees. So here are some tips to at least get the maximum results from your Airconditioner during extreme heat days.

For reverse cycle air conditioners

  • Move into one or two room, keep these doors close and block vents in the unused rooms to focus the cool air into the rooms you are using. Make sure you do not close off access to the intake vent so that air can cycle through the system
  • Set your thermostat to 27° rather than 22°.
  • You will never achieve the lower temperatures you have set and even 30° during a 46° day will give you a sense of relief.
  • Use additional fans, moving air is always cooler than still air.
  • Give your unit a few hours of in the cool of the night, Overworking over many days can increase the chance of a total shutdown.

For evaporative air conditioning

  • Get started early to keep rooms coll rather than to have to try to cool rooms that have already heated.
  • Airflow is key with these units so additional fans can help.
  • These units need doors or windows open but experiment with the amount of cool air that escapes by adjusting doors and windows to see what size opening creates the best result.

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