Gardening and General
Home Maintenance


“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.” 

Just like us, our home and garden thrive on care and attention.

Unfortunately, with a disability, illness or injury, that care and attention can become difficult to manage on your own.

Keeping your lawn or garden bed looking nice or fixing that annoying leaking tap is just some of the many everyday home and garden maintenance services we can provide for our clients on a regular or casual basis. 

KompleteCare knows how important your home is to you, and our support workers look forward to keeping you feeling house proud and comfortable in your surroundings. 

We are happy to do all the work required or join and assist you in the areas important to you in and around your home. 

Garden and Home Maintenance Services Include: 

  • Lawn Mowing 
  • Pruning 
  • General Yard Cleaning 
  • Weeding 
  • Watering 
  • General House Maintenance Jobs
  • General Repairs