Easing Restrictions

May 29, 2020 | Aged Care News, Breaking News, Disability Care News

The easing of COVID-19 restrictions is a welcome relief for many of us who have struggled with the isolation and lack of social interaction. Being able to visit with friends and families, and get out and about a bit will be very important over the last few weeks.

At Kompletecare we would like to take this time to remind those at high risk due to health issues, that it will still be important to stay vigilant while enjoying your renewed social freedom, especially if a simple household virus or flu could put you at risk.

Social distancing is still a good idea, but in previous months it has led many of the older and chronically ill in our communities to experience loneliness or isolation related issues. 

  • Lethargy
  • Depression
  • Lack of concentration 
  • Hopelessness 
  • Decreased Motivation
  • Tiredness and Napping

….have been amongst the symptoms of people being negatively affected by isolation.

The releasing of restrictions gives us the opportunity to make changes to our daily lives to include more social activities, greater connection with others and increased physical activity.

Take advantage, get out more, have people visit and work to restore your physical and mental health, but don’t take a greater risk than is necessary.

Continue to employ social distancing habits. Now that we are in the habit of placing space between us and our friends, what could it hurt by continuing to keep up that habit? It can’t hurt and it will have no negative effect, it could save you from any illnesses in the future.

Have a visitation protocol in your home. A few months ago the placing of hand sanitizers in your entry hall and offering someone a squirt as they come through the door may have seemed extreme, but now it’s the norm. Get with the trend, impress people with your wisdom and foresight in your desire to keep everyone in the house healthy. 

When you are out and about. Many people who live with illness can benefit from wearing a facemask, using hand sanitizer and carrying sanitary wipes when they are out in public. But there has also been an awkward social stigma that makes us feel like these processes will cause others to be uncomfortable so we avoid the practice. 

In a Post COVID-19 World things have changed. Many people will employ these habits now as part of their social routine. It’s a good thing, and it helps those with lower resistance to viruses and illness to live in a safer social environment.


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