Dylan Alcott, providing inspiration for people with disabilities is the most satisfying…

Feb 9, 2020 | Disability Care News

For Dylan Alcott, providing inspiration for people with disabilities is the most satisfying aspect of his sixth straight Australian Open championship “Look around the top row, every single person on the top row pretty much has a disability and the disability seats,” Alcott said, post-match at the Rod Laver Arena

“Look, they’re full. So to any young person, keep doing what you are doing.

Its the type of attitude we have come to expect from the Australian wheelchair basketballer, wheelchair tennis player, radio host and motivational speaker.

British rival Andy Lapthorne went down to Alcott 6-0, 6-4 in one hour and 15 minutes but had this to say about the Australian, “If there’s one disabled person at home that’s watching this and wondering whether they should go for their dreams, we are proof down here that you should,” Lapthorne said.

“Because I was up there the other night watching Nick Kyrgios and cheering on Nick and now I’m sitting on the court myself in front of this amazing crowd.

“So if there’s anyone out there, just go for it.”

Born in Melbourne, Victoria, Dylan was born with a tumor wrapped around his spinal cord. An operation in the first few weeks of his life removed the tumor however, it left Alcott a paraplegic, requiring him to use a wheelchair.

His sporting ambitions started are Brighton Grammar School where from grade 6 he competed for Victoria in swimming, and for Australia in wheelchair tennis and wheelchair basketball

His sport of choice became wheelchair tennis, where he represented Australia on numerous occasions, reaching a ranking of 100 in the world by age 16 (4th in the world for under-18s).


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