Coronavirus and our disabled friends and family

Mar 20, 2020 | Aged Care News, Disability Care News, KompleteCare News

Durig the Coronavirus crisis we have an excellent opportunity to excel at the craft of being there for each other. At Kompletecare it’s our job to be there for those whose disabilities mean that they need a little help from time to time, but the current times have created an unprecedented need for greater community awareness of the issues being faced by those who need our help now more than ever.

Here are some thoughts that our clients and community would like you to keep in mind

Existing conditions make us particularly vulnerable.

We often have health complications that put us amongst those whose lives and long term health are most threatened by the virus. Cardiovascular, Diabetes, Chronic respiratory disease, Hypertension and Cancer patients make up for 39% of those with the highest mortality rate.

Getting essential supplies just became nearly impossible.

Because we rely so much on schedules, the help of others and incredibly inflexible budgets. We have not been able to respond to the panic buying scenario, leaving us to have to purchase the more expensive supplies, medications and hygiene products, if we can get them at all. 

Our communities and social structures are shutting down.

Places like churches, clubs and social gatherings are often where we network with the people who look out for us, help us get around and provide the social connection that we so desperately need. 

Hard-fought independence and community interaction is often worked out through places like shopping centres and outings to places that are either closing or becoming a high risk for us. 

What can friends and family do to help?

Firstly, follow the rules. 

It does us no good to put us at risk even if your intentions are good. What could be a few weeks off for you could be a life sentence for someone else? 

  • Call ahead so that plans can be made.
  • Be prepared to talk through doors and windows.
  • Keep safe distances.
  • Don’t be offended by wipes and hand sanitizer.
  • Practice appropriate hygiene protocols.

Check-in Regularly.

  • Do it often as to create a sense that we are not on our own and someone is only a call or a video chat away.
  • Think about me when you shop. Make a call see what I need. What you can pick up for me.

Bring some normality.

  • Share a meal over a video chat.
  • Bring a camp chair and phone me from outside my window.
  • Call me during my favourite show and watch it with me.
  • If you are busy, just text me from time to time.

We will get through this coronavirus thing, but int he meantime what a fantastic opportunity for us to get better at being there for each other. Who knows you might start something with somebody that changes both of your lives forever.


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