Changing obstacles to opportunities

Jan 20, 2020 | Disability Care News

It’s no secret how much we love Nick Vujicic and this Ted Talk from last year is just one more reason to like him more.

In a world where…

  • There are one billion people going hungry today
  • One million people will commit suicide today
  • There are twelve million in slavery today

He has met billionaires and orphans who are all looking for something, and that is hope.
We are born in pain and difficulty but we have a choice to be angry for what we don’t have or thankful for what we do have, the power of that choice was what gave him the ability to be where he is today.

This message is very powerful, not only for those of us who are working through the issues of disability sickness or aging but for all of us who have ever been discouraged, disillusioned or lost hope.

It is a pep talk for all of us, friends, brothers, sisters, carers, anyone who needs to be reminded why they are so important to the families and communities they are part of.

This talk will inspire you today


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