Adelaide Mums Advocate for Autism

Oct 12, 2020 | Disability Care News, KompleteCare News


Local Adelaide Mums explode onto the YouTube scene with new channel Absolutely Autism.

The three ladies, Lisa Lynch, Amy O’Mahoney and Janelle Rutter started making the videos less than 12 months ago with the hope of helping parents with their child’s diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

From there the friends, who met each other through their children being put into the same special needs class at school, have expanded their video content to cover all things Autism related. Covering everything from sensory needs, meltdowns, help with NDIS funding, tips to be organised and prepared for an ASD child’s needs to even tackling the difficult subject of Mental Health issues with parents of special needs children.

What started as a small fun project, filmed in Janelle’s dining room with nothing more than one little camera has now blossomed as the mum’s popularity continues to grow.

The ladies have now proudly increased their equipment, joking about how they have taken over an entire room of Janelle’s house and turned it into a studio and have even expanded their social platform to include Facebook and Instagram.

  Pictured left-right- Amy, Janelle and Lisa

“We felt there wasn’t really anything out there online that spoke directly to the parents living with children with ASD,” says Lisa, Mum of a nine-year-old son with ASD, Anxiety and ADHD.

“There is so much to learn and so much out there that can help make our and our children’s lives easier to navigate but no one seems to be sharing that information. We wanted to share everything we have learned on our journey so far, the good and the bad and help anyone caring for a child with special needs feel less alone in the world”.

Amy has three boys, 15, 10 and 9. Her two youngest are diagnosed with ASD and Global Development Delay.

Amy says she wishes Absolutely Autism was around when her children were first diagnosed. “I love being a part of Absolutely Autism, I hope that what we speak about helps others. This is something I wish I had when I was starting out on my families Autism journey”.

The mums pride themselves on being real, raw, and honest about their challenges and what life can really be like raising a child or children on the Autism Spectrum.

They are as upfront as possible about situations they have personally encountered and speak of the often difficult yet hardly spoken about struggles that come with an Autism diagnosis and living in a mainstream world with it. Sharing their innermost feelings including personal mental health struggles.

This was made even more apparent when Janelle, Mum of three, discovered that not only her 8-year-old son (who has had an Autism diagnosis for the last 4 years) had ASD but now her other two boys aged at 6 and 3 are on the spectrum too.

Janelle shared her feelings and fears about the news in a candid video on the YouTube channel, pulling the heartstrings of their viewers who could understand and relate to those raw fresh feelings of the early days of receiving a diagnosis for your children.

“Absolutely Autism has taught me to be better support for my children and for those in our community. I feel like I am paying forward the help I get from family and friends to those in need, and it feels good” Janelle says, while also stating that she and the other girls encourage viewers to share their experiences, tips and struggles with them to create a supportive community or as they say “Their Village”, for every parent or carer of a special needs child.

If you’re thinking this may all sound a little too serious or depressing you couldn’t be more wrong as Amy, Lisa and Janelle have found a unique way to get all their serious advocating and genuine help across to their viewers while having fun and being able to laugh most of the time, at themselves and each other, even more so off-camera.

They hope to continue to grow their business and expand out to merchandise and sensory toys for children while continuing to raise awareness and acceptance for Autism within the community.

The girls have already designed awareness cards for parents to hand out to others when struggling in public with their child. They provide them to anyone absolutely FREE of charge and post them anywhere in Australia. These have proven to be extremely popular and a great step in the direction of understanding and inclusion of ASD children everywhere., which Lisa says is still a struggle.

“We still have a long way to go to bring Autism awareness and acceptance to the world. It is getting better for sure but acceptance in public places, especially businesses is where our focus needs to be right now, as well as more facilities for our children with the education department”.

With such a diverse range of personalities, family life and obvious love for not just each other but also for each other’s children you cannot help but laugh along with them and become invested in their lives and stories.

Informative, fun, inspiring and creative.







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